Traverse the coast

This is our teams blog of our journey starting in February 2013, through the Coast Mountain Range of British Columbia by Ski and Packraft. We hope you enjoy following some of our adventures. If you want to get in touch please leave a comment or drop us an email We are looking for open source scientific projects that we might be able to help out with along our journey. This includes animal observation, snow and avalanche observations, geo tagging or anything else you the public can come up with.  We are equipped with iphones and a 2 way satellite messenger.

Our core group of 3 travellers is Michael Burmeister, Erica Madison and Ryan Bougie.  Various people may be joining throughout the trip.  We hope to be completing our journey sometime in July by skiing into the Alaskan town of Skagway.  In submitting oursleves to such a long and remote trip we are at the mercy of what the elements will do with us.  The odds are stacked against us getting all the way to Skagway but that certainly is not going to stop us from giving it a shot.

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8 thoughts on “Traverse the coast

  1. Martha Burley

    You guys are super duper mega hardcore – respect!

  2. Dale

    Yes, a tentative route would be good, you never know when a case of beer and pizza will drop from the sky.

  3. I hope you’re keeping it real and using the Flexons and Dukes on this one Bougie. Good luck to all with weather and wolverines

  4. While dresses are often forgotten necessities to be added to food caches, especially for the all male crews.. & don’t forget your tin whistler and a harmonica…

  5. Vance Culbert

    beer is the wrong type of alcohol to leave in food caches on glaciers…

  6. Craig Faller

    Looked like you were rigging kite lines in this pic. Get a big ass kite Bougie, and fly across the mountains.

  7. Andor

    As long as you are back for Burning Man….

  8. Deborah Struk

    Could you post a map of your tentative route? Might be helpful in thinking of some experiments etc. along the way. Stay safe and have fun.

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