Early February updates


The month of our departure has arrived. Everything is coming to together for our team. The Alaskans Mike and Erica showed up on Friday at Vancouver International with a mountain of gear and food. Things are a little busy for me as I am finishing up a practicum working with B.C Ambulance. By all accounts we are on track and under budget for a February 17 departure from Pitt Lake. Michael has made our proposed route map that you can view on Google Earth here http://bit.ly/12jOy58
Of course, we are not undertaking this project alone and our thank you list keeps building by the day. As of right now we are teaming up with Michael Coyle and True North Geospatial in developing some custom maps using his state of the art technology. You can check their company website here http://www.TrueNorthGeospatial.com/
It’s still in testing right now but I think this is another large advancement in cartography for many different user groups.
We are also teaming up with De-Lorme In-reach Canada. We are going to be thoroughly testing their two way satellite messenger and tracking device in the remoteness of applications. Blogging from beyond I’d like to coin it! We are hoping Rio Tinto Alcan decides to support our group by allowing us to cross their property in the Kemano site outside Kitimat B.C. Crazy to think that this is even an issue but so far we have been told we cannot ski traverse the Coast Mountains around Kemano, which is owned by Rio Tinto Alcan. So we will have to wait and see how this issue progresses.
We are being joined by a few more folks on our traverse in Whistler but this number keeps evolving so I won’t say anymore about that just yet. While most of you powder hungry skiers are hoping for the never ending storm I am hoping for this below average snowpack “La Nada” season to continue, allowing us favourable travel conditions. This truly is the most ambitious undertaking I have ever committed to and am extremely excited to begin our long traverse of the Coast Mountain range of B.C and Alaska. Please continue to follow along with our blog if you are interested. For all the critics out there I ask that you please retreat back to your secluded internet forums and keep your opinions amongst yourselves because there is no hope of killing our team’s enthusiasm. Skiing has been my own way of experiencing and relating to the world around me. It has taught me more than any other medium could ever achieve. Through skiing I have met some of the most selfish people in the world as well as some of the most generous. This is my first blog and it is my attempt at giving what I can back to the world. Most people reading this blog will not be able to fathom what it takes to initiate a trip of this magnitude. I hope I can relate to you some of our struggles, triumphs, failures and wow moments over the next 6 months.


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6 thoughts on “Early February updates

  1. Peter

    Good luck, I hope you guys make it safely!!

  2. Kyle

    This is great guys! I wish you a ton of fun and great success! You guys will get to see some great things.

  3. Graham Kraft

    my goodness are you guys really taking all those bananas?

  4. chris

    Hi guys, yr food is stored in stewart waiting for you to eat! Took some pics today of yr route north of Brucejack to Eskay Cr. Will show u pics next week. It’s definetely a pretty low snow year…I see brushes sticking out everywhere on mid-slopes!!! (& no, the rd & bridge x-ing the Unuk from KSM to Eskay is not in yet.) R u mentally prepared 4 lots of bushwash yet?!?

  5. Bridget

    I cannot wait!!!!!!

  6. Christian

    Too bad the “VOC” bulk discount code no longer applies.

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