We’re leaving tomorrow!

We’re ready! We’ve made the final touches, mailed out packages and moved belongings into storage. Tomorrow, we start our journey by boating up Pitt Lake. We plan to reach Whistler around February 25, where a few more members of the team will join us.

Look for our position updates and send us messages on our Delorme Map Share page here: https://share.delorme.com/194440ba2c0e43b7bdcd80bd4726dfdf
The password is chemistry.

We went to a friend’s presentation yesterday about a very inspiring trip they did last year. You can read more here: http://carolineandpat.wordpress.com/

A list of thank yous keeps growing, so I’ll try to rattle off some names to the ever expanding list. You all know who you are.

Norm and Denice Bougie
Bridget Mcclarty
Jasmin Dobson
Dave Treadway
Jon Johnston
Whistler Blackcomb
Tracey “Trix” Kindrachuck
Rod Gee
Lena Rowat
Tim Blair
Chris Michalak
Chris Ho
Erin and Ryan Boyle
Wayne Flann
Dale Douglas
Lorne Graham
Jia Condon
Irene Isac’s
Tim Smith
Jerome David
Michael Coyle (true north geospatial)
Ian “Cheddar” Watson
Jonas Hoke
Nicole Koshure
Jeff Rabinovich
Pat and Caroline
Meghan in Bella Coola
Julia Franseko (in-reach Canada)
Leonard Maloney
John Scurlock

I just read an interesting article rating this winter as one of the most boring winters in history. Rounding out the top three was the year a group made this trip across the coast range.

Coming soon: A bio of who we are as a group, which we will work on. Basically, we are each taking a leave of absence from regular life and embarking on the trip of a lifetime.

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3 thoughts on “We’re leaving tomorrow!

  1. Karen

    My husband and I met the team at Grant Narrows today. We were wondering why they were wearing ski boots so stopped to ask. Looking forward to reading about the journey. Good luck and safe travels!

  2. Michael, Erica, Ryan –

    Just saw something about this on the Teton Gravity Research Forums. Very cool expedition. Best of luck.

    Ping me if you would like free copies of our Mobile Avalanche Safety Tools for iPhone to make it easier to record and share your snow, weather and avalanche observations along the way.

    Bob Hoffman
    Chief Business Guy
    Ullr Labs

  3. jeff

    The plan today is to boat up Pitt Lake where they then hope to find a ride up a 30 km long road to snowline. Failing that, they will ave to walk the road, carrying their 80 lb. packs.

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