The Final Leg

This will be the last update from the field as this traversing crew makes plans to pull out at the next port ahead by July 10: Wrangell, AK. We have been on the trail for quite some time now, answering only to the call of the wild. Unfortunately, that time is drawing to an end as the call of jobs and responsibility is now becoming ever louder. It seems like only a short time ago we were taking our first steps up the logging road leaving Pitt Lake in Southern B.C. Today, as we were hiking through a beautiful alpine landscape, we talked about what this trip has given us and if we can be satisfied with where it has taken us.

As a group we feel honoured to have had the opportunity in our lives to undertake such a trip as this. The people we have met in towns along the way and the friends and family at home who have enabled us to keep on going are truly at the centre of our thoughts. This trip was a break from our normal lives, and I speak for all of us when I say we are ready to get back to our lives with new passion and appreciation.

Tune back here in a couple of weeks when we wrap things up and come up with a summary for all you folks out there. For now, our route will take us into the Iskut river from where where we hope to hop back in our trail boats and float down the Stikine river and back into civilization.

Thanks to the kind folks at the Eskay Creek mine for putting us up for the evening. We enjoyed their stories as much as they enjoyed hearing some of ours.

Until next time amigos. Over and out.

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3 thoughts on “The Final Leg

  1. Lena

    Well done folks!! Such awesome wilderness out there eh? Perhaps the final goal was not reached but that only leaves that much more appreciation for the awesomeness of the journey! Back in 2001 We got lucky with a sunny winter with compact heavy storms, followed by an overcast spring that preserved the snowpack. What mother nature throws at us while we are out there is all part of the adventure that makes it all so awesome!! Hope you all had lots o fun with her & can’t wait to hear the stories!

  2. Leonard

    Most excellent guys… Its been a rare pleasure dropping in and wishing you all along….
    Happy trails.. don’t let your faces break from smiling over your journey and i won’t let my heart swell to breaking with pride just reading about it..

  3. RYan Bougie

    Note: This message was delayed in posting, sorry for the technical difficulties. We are going to be in Wrangell July 9 & 10. Sounds like a Salmon Diner at Stevens at 11 mile if any folks from Wrangell want to hear some tales.

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